Author: Christophe

  • What AI text generators can do (and can’t do)

    What AI text generators can do (and can’t do)

    Hello Neural Enthusiasts! The release of ChatGPT at the end of 2023 has generated a lot of enthusiasm but also a lot of confusion. On my side, I began to experiment in my free time as much with the creative aspect of LLMs (generative literature) as with the possibility of creating accurate assistants. I also…

  • My perfect stack

    My perfect stack

    Hello world! In my free time, I like to learn and test various technologies and here’s what currently makes up my “perfect” tech stack, along with an explanation as to why this combination works well for me. Backend languages Golang : Golang has a great developer experience (DX) as it’s easy to learn, and provides…

  • Hello Neural Enthusiasts!

    Hello Neural Enthusiasts!

    I have been interested in Artificial Intelligence ever since my college days. My graduates research project focused on Multi-Agent Systems (Distributed Artificial Intelligence). As AI was not very trendy at that time (I obtained my diploma in 1997), I spent most of my professional career in various areas such as systems, cybersecurity, networks, pro blogging…